Прохождение Amnesia - Пики


Перед вами прохождение мира, обозначенного в игре как «Пики».

Данная таблица включает в себя путь ко всем концовкам, доступным на пути «Пики». 「I've made up my mind.」END является самой лучшей из них, тогда как 「Are you free this weekend?」END относится к хорошим. Все остальные концовки — плохие.

I can't remember anything…
※Выбирайте все в любом порядке
Yes, let's hurry I don't mind meeting other people
Right, let's hurry and look I'm a little scared…
Where would you like to go? You have the day off?
Yes, I'll go Yeah, I'll go
I would break up with him for sure I would want to try dating him
You should have ignored those other girls Who were those girls?
You're a little too close What should I think?
I'm okay Ahaha…
      I'm fine
Could you walk me to work tomorrow? Did I have work tomorrow?
- Then, could you walk me to work tomorrow?
Yes, I'll see you again. Thank you for today.
I'm sorry, I'll get ready quickly. I'm sorry, please come in.
Yes, please. -
Good morning, Ikki Hi, Ikkyu.
I try to eat three proper meals a day. I'll eat toast or something light.
I'm sorry, I'll try to hurry. Yeah, I will.
The customer is the enemy!
      …The customer is the enemy!
Welcome back, Master Welcome, dear customer
I understand, Masters. Could you please repeat that?
- Thank you very much, Master.
2 coffees and 1 tea 1 coffee and 2 teas
Um… I can stand by myself. I'm alright.
We're not walking home together today? See you tomorrow, Ikki.
Actually, I'm not feeling well… Actually, I got a little lost…
I think we crossed the railroad. I think we took the path along the road.
Yes, sir I'm sorry
Thank you for coming No, it's okay.
      Um, I went to a beef bowl place…
Ikki…?     What do you mean, challenge?
Got it. I'll stay away from him Probably… But I don't really care.
I do want him to stop. It's okay, I'm used to it.
It's okay. Don't worry about me. I just didn't want to be alone anymore.
…It's still a secret. Nothing has changed.
Let's chase him Let's just let him go
I went to go get a drink -
Oh right, I did forget. What a surprise… -
What a surprise…! May I get you anything, Madam?
It's okay, don't worry about it. Just don't fall on love with him
What rumors have you heard? Which rumor?
Are you ready for the 19th? What time was the train, again?
Do I know them? I'd love to meet your friends.
She really is cute I don't think I'll like her
A month left for what? Do you think the rumor is true?
Okay, I'll wait I'll go home first. Take you time
I'd be okay holding hands… -
Can I ask about Mine? -
Do you dislike me, too…? -
I wouldn't confess. I'd be willing to steal for love
Please stop! Um…
…I don't know if I should I'd definitely like to go
※Выбирайте все ※Выбирайте все
You could be nicer about it… …You're pretty strange
That really is too harsh Do you dislike me?
I, um… I only came because Kent was here.
Maybe he feels lonely living alone Maybe he can't afford living alone
Sorry… Good for you.
…I'm sorry. …I hate you, Ikki.
Um, you're a little too close… I'm gonna break plates AND punch pillows!
…The fireworks are pretty. -
…Go right ahead. -
I'm going out with Ikki… Why do you ask?
What do you know? -
I think he knew me… -
Matilda's Melancholy      
No, I wouldn't dislike it… -
Yes, I'm free Um…
Can I see your packing list tomorrow? I think I'm okay for now
I wonder if Ikki's fans will come, too. How many people were going on the trip?
I think I might be falling for him… …I can't say more than I said before.
……… Who are you?
(Orion, where are you?) (Mr. Bug?)
(Who is that man…?) (What about work…?)
He's my brother! A pervert! I'll call the police!
Thank you, Ikki. That'd be nice… I'm sorry, Ikki. I'd like Toma to be here…
Do you like me, Ikki? -
Well… Okay, then. -
I think he's grown to like me now. I think I'm just a passing interest.
I'll do my best! Um, please don't be mad…
I don't think of you as a burden… No, please, stop!!
…Okay, just wait a little while…! 「Not bad, God」END
Um, I'm changed and in bed now. -
Is there something wrong? -
Should I go over there…? -
…What happened? -
Do you feel better with me around…? -
I'll watch a little more Maybe I schould leave… -
I'll pass I'll go -
You can stay - -
Are you sad you can't participate? - -
…They only worked at first …I was just pretending they didn't work. -
No, I shouldn't …Yes, I'll try No, I shouldn't -
- …Let's go right. - -
This voice… 「I'll get rid of those who hurt you.」END …!! -
I don't believe it anymore I don't care about rumors. -
…Ah, um… -
(…I'll wait until later.) Um, thank you for yesterday. -
Gods can do that? There really are gods? -
Please tell me your reasons …I understand -
Yeah… …I don't want to. -
I won't know if you don't explain it You looked like you were playing around. -
…Why are you so mad? …Not really. -
Ikki will be late Um, what are you doing here…? -
- Ikki will be late -
What should I do? …I don't really understand. -
I'm sorry, but I'm working now… Um… It's been a while… -
…I think I'm in love with Ikki …I don't dislike him, but… …I think I'm in love with Ikki -
「I wanted us to live together.」END Uh… Don't be so conceited… -
And if your eyes worked on me…? - -
…You're special to me, too. - -
I don't want to go… …I haven't decided yet. -
…Could you give me a hug? 「Are you free this weekend?」END -
I was interested in their club activities…? -
How long have you known Rika? -
…Rika threatened me. -
「I've made up my mind.」END  
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Ревушка, а как же картинки, потом какие нибудь комментарии….русский сайт и т.п. ?


Или это в корыстных целях, чтобы у себя под рукой было? 

Harle, ну можно, конечно… но это все же прохождение, а не обзор^.~

Ну и тут плохих концовок много, запутаешься объяснять вне таблицы, как на них всех выйти…


Корыстная цель одна — чтобы было. Это худшая игра из тройки Otomate, вышедших летом прошлого года.

Rev, только хардкор (!) Тем не менее фанатов у нее вроде побольше будет, хотя я без понятия.

Harle, ну так аниме… и из тройки она единственная вышла на ПК. Блин, да там кроме концовки рута Сина вся игра чуть ли не слово-в-слово с аниме><" В общем, с картинками я могу только обзор, но это будет очень много негатива^^"

Rev, не она очень давно популярна, со времен майл.ру помню. Ну а аниме, тем лучше…дало возможность понять все и поиграть нормально. Давай обзор тогда, хоть узнаю какие в ней особые “фишки” есть.