Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together / Наём Cressida в команду

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Даже не знаю, найдется ли человек на сайте, который знает Tactics Ogre лучше меня, но попробовать стоит. 

У меня возникли проблемы с квестом, связанным с наёмом Cressida… А если выразится точнее, то я совсем не знаю что его блин делать…

Всё что я знаю:

  • Нужно находится на хаотической ветке событий игры (до какого момента откатываться в World Tarot?)
  • Нужно иметь высокий Chaos Frame у нации Galgastan (ллюди говорят за вопросы, повышающие их Chaos Frame, но чёткого списка этих вопросов я не нашёл)
  • Нужно иметь пройденные события (и снова не знаю насколько откатываться назад во времени. Желательно сказать событие перед ближайшей Anchor Point)
  • Схватка с Cressida (я совсем не помню такой. Какие условия для схватки?)

Помогите кто может…

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Вобщем вот ссылко

Если надо то помогу перевести.


CRESSIDA Status: Unique Initial class: Necromancer Alignment: L Available routes: C

How to recruit: On the Chaotic route, a sidequest will open in Chapter 4 in the Warren Report. Read «The Balmamusa Dead» to unlock a battle in Balmamusa, where you must revive the Cleric Oelias (she teleports out) and then slaughter the undead. Then go to Qadriga Fortress to trigger a battle with the Terror Knight Dievold. Finally, go to Golyat to face Nybeth, along with some old friends and enemies, in a battle where you must rescue Cressida. Save her, and you can tell her «You will not be judged by me»; if your Galgastani Chaos Frame is high enough, she will join you.

The tricky part here is the Chaos Frame part; that's the general approval you have among the Galgastani. Hire a newly recruited unit from the shop to get an idea of their loyalty; if it seems low, you should try to increase it. You want a loyalty of 50 or above; as loyalty messages change at 40 and 60, you will have to either go with some guesswork or raise your Chaos Frame higher than you strictly need to. The most painless way to raise your Galgastani CF, take one or two high-level non-Galgastani units (I like Denam and Canopus) along with eleven low-level, unequipped Galgastani units to the Reisan Way. (You can also use your Galgastani uniques/semi-uniques/named generics if you like.) Make sure that all are stripped of Field Alchemy skills, then set all the characters to AI (Melee setting for the newbies, Rear Guard for the more powerful characters). Let it go, and stop and retreat once all the newbies have been slaughtered. Each Galgastani death in battle raises your CF approximately a tenth of a point, so killing 10 units off per battle means you'll raise a point per battle.

(You can do the same thing, possibly quicker, by using the same setup but manually controlling your more powerful units to slaughter the weaker ones; it does, however, require your input, whereas the other basically just needs you to check it every few minutes to make sure no one's counter is running out. But you can watch TV/clean your house/read/whatever you want to do while it's going, which is more my style.)

Comments: Cressida is the only unique Necromancer, and new to the remake. Overall she's quite useful if you like Undead units, since Necromancers have the ability to raise stilled Undead and to recruit and heal them.

For the record, recruiting Cressida is the only way to get Necroprentice's Marks to create your own Necromancers; otherwise, you can only recruit them from the occasional story/Palace of the Dead battle. She comes with three of them, and if she is in your battle party, you can win them from the Necromancer on B18 of the Palace of the Dead.

Sample Necromancer build: Dark Magic Necromancy Augment Darkness Resist Stun Resist Silence Spellcraft Spellstrike Master Undead Animate Dead Consecrate Dead

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Круто:) Спасибо большое:)

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